• Adverc Battery Management Systems

    Tel: 01902 380494
    Email: techsales@adverc.co.uk



  • Adverc Battery Management Systems

    Tel: 01902 380494
    Email: techsales@adverc.co.uk


  • Adverc Battery Management Systems

    Tel: 01902 380494
    Email: techsales@adverc.co.uk


  • Adverc Battery Management Systems

    Tel: 01902 380494
    Email:  techsales@adverc.co.uk


  • Adverc Battery Management Systems

    Tel: 01902 380494



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Sunware Solar Panels

Updated Thursday 10/05/2012 05:16 PM


Sunware solar panels are designed and tested specifically for use in marine and salt water. The panels are completely maintenance free, durable, and weatherproof. Even under extreme exposure to uv rays whether in the caribbean, the mediterranean, or the north sea sunware solar panels are always a reliable partner. Their distinctive feature are all 12v standard solar panels are designed with 39 cells. Consequently, sunware solar panels can be fitted without rear ventilation. Thus, any voltage drop due to high outside temperatures is compensated by the 3 additionally integrated cells to enable a full recharge of the battery. The back of the module is completely flat so that it can be screwed or glued flush to the deck. Sunware standard solar panels should always be fitted to a firm, inflexible surface.


Sunwares 24W and 36W Marine panels are ideal for boats with low to medium battery charging requirements. They effectively maintain and replensih batteries whilst away and typically replace some of the power consumed whilst on board.

Sunwares 70W, 48W Compact and 69W Compact are suited to live-aboards and those spending holidays on board, assisting in keeping the refigerator and other important appliances running.


Module Structure:

  • base plate made of marine water resistant, powder-coated stainless steel
  • 340 crystalline high-capacity solar cells guarantee maximum power output in the smallest space
  • structured surface prevents slipping in wet conditions
  • 100% marine and salt water resistant due to special laminate design of the module
  • low overall height of only 3mm, and 15mm at cable outlet
  • edges rounded to prevent injuries
  • cable outlet screwed, sealed, and marine waterproof
  • 3m connection cable with "cell protector" at cable end to protect the module from damage through hot spot effect
  • 100% maintenance-free, self-cleaning module surface
  • each module individually tested and calibrated
  • 3-year performance guarantee
  • all module types and sizes can be combined and easily connected to any type of charge regulator



  • simple installation using adhesive, screws, or the sunware mounting clips
  • modules must be installed such as to prevent vibration
  • when installed to a firm, inflexible surface, the modules can be walked on with boat shoes
  • modules have 3% flexibility usually sufficient for curved deck surfaces on board