• Adverc Battery Management Systems

    Tel: 01902 380494
    Email: techsales@adverc.co.uk



  • Adverc Battery Management Systems

    Tel: 01902 380494
    Email: techsales@adverc.co.uk


  • Adverc Battery Management Systems

    Tel: 01902 380494
    Email: techsales@adverc.co.uk


  • Adverc Battery Management Systems

    Tel: 01902 380494
    Email:  techsales@adverc.co.uk


  • Adverc Battery Management Systems

    Tel: 01902 380494



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BP Solar SX Solar

Updated Thursday 10/05/2012 05:15 PM

BP Solar's SX range is based on one of their best established product ranges used worldwide in thousands upon thousands of sites in single and multiple use. The multi-crystaline cells are designed to efficiently charge 12v batteries in virtually any climate for low power dc loads.


They provide a cost effective solution for maintaining the charge in batteries at off grid locations for low power telemetry, telecommunications, signals, navigation aids, security sensors, instrumentation and are also ideal for trickle charging leisure batteries on motorhomes and holiday cottages.


The range benefits from BP's standard durable frames and tempered glass and is offered with a 10 year power performance warranty and 5 year materials and workmanship warranty.


SX10, 20 & 30U Modules - these models can be reconfigured by the user for 6v charging and solar panels of the same power rating can be connected together efficiently for 24v use or parrallel connected for increased power. all these units are supplied with a universal frame.

SX5M - is supplied with a lower profile frame and a 3m output cable froma sealed junction box.



  • 90% power output warranty over 10 years
  • 5 year warranty - free from defects in materials and wormanship
  • universal frame is manufactured from clear anodised aluminium alloy type 6063t6.
  • rugged and weatherproof construction - the cells are laminated between sheets of ethylene vinyl acetate (eva) and 3mm tempered glass with a blue tedlar rear.
  • the tempered glass is highly transmissive and self cleaning from rainfall
  • each solar module is supplied with a grounding screw, instruction sheet and warranty document.
  • all bp solar modules are labelled with individual performance figures
  • 36 cell panels are configured in a 4 x 9 matrix, each 2 rows of 9 are connected in series with a schottky by-pass diode to produce 2 x 6v strings.
    • these 2 x 6v strings are connected in series to produce a standard 12v nominal output panel
  • easy to connect sx10, 20 & 30u modules
    • an ip54 weather rated junction box at the rear of each panel provides a 6 terminal screw connection block.
    • the terminals accept 6mm² (awg#10) cable.
    • the junction box has knock outs to accept pg13.5, or 1/2" nominal conduit or cable fittings accepting 6-12mm diameter cable.
  • all the models are compliant with the iec61215 regulation requirements.
  • temperature cycling range of -40°c to +85°c
  • damp heat tested to withstand 85°c and 85% relative humidity for 1000 hours
  • front and rear static load tested eg wind, to 2400 pa
  • front load tested eg snow, to 5400 pa
  • hailstone impact tested to 25mm hail at 23m/s from 1m distance
  • "hot spot" tested, this determines a module's ability to tolerate localised shadowing