• Adverc Battery Management Systems

    Tel: 01902 380494
    Email: techsales@adverc.co.uk



  • Adverc Battery Management Systems

    Tel: 01902 380494
    Email: techsales@adverc.co.uk


  • Adverc Battery Management Systems

    Tel: 01902 380494
    Email: techsales@adverc.co.uk


  • Adverc Battery Management Systems

    Tel: 01902 380494
    Email:  techsales@adverc.co.uk


  • Adverc Battery Management Systems

    Tel: 01902 380494



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Adverc Battery Management FAQ

Updated Thursday 10/05/2012 05:03 PM

Q1: Basically what does ADVERC do?

A1: ADVERC Battery management is a sophisticated alternator voltage regulator or charge controller which ensures batteries are 95-100% charged with minimum engine running time.

Q2: Why doesn’t my existing alternator do this?

A2: Because the alternator regulation is designed essentially for the motorcar. Used in specialised applications, such as marine craft, trucks, ambulances, mobile libraries etc., the battery state of charge only ever reaches 65-70% of its capacity, even with the engine running for long periods.

Q3: How does ADVERC work?

A3: The aim is to produce the optimum charging voltage at the batteries, not the alternator, compensating for voltage losses.

These voltages are cycled below and above the gassing point of the battery(s) to a given programme, also compensating for changes in ambient temperature, thereby achieving fast and safe charging.

ADVERC is NOT a BOOSTER. It is a CONTROLLER. There is no forced feeding in terms of charging current - the batteries only take whatever charging current they need.

Q4: Will ADVERC harm my batteries or alternator.

A4: No. Batteries and alternators last longer and perform better, in fact, as do starter motors, diesel heaters etc.

Q5: What happens if I have two battery banks?

A5: No problem. One ADVERC accommodates one, two, or more battery banks using various split- charging options eg blocking-diodes, 1, 2, both switches or relays.

Q6: Will ADVERC fit any alternator?

A6: Yes, though we need to know the make and other details to establish the polarity and provide the appropriate installation details.

Q7: Do I need to increase the size of my alternator?

A7: Not necessarily and probably not. By using ADVERC, the AVAILABLE battery capacity is more than doubled. On the other hand, the total battery capacity is the deciding factor. ADVERC cannot make the alternator produce more than its rated output.

Q8: Can it be used with twin alternators?

A8: Yes. One ADVERC system will accommodate two compatible alternators on the same engine, or a twin engine configuration. The system is ideal for catamarans, for example.

Q9: Can I use ADVERC with any type of battery?

A9: Yes ADVERC is suitable for flooded or gel types and the voltage settings can be adjusted for eg Ni-cads or special situations.

Q10: Can I install more batteries?

A10: Yes, if required. ADVERC will also accommodate multi-battery banks, using an appropriate split charging system.

Q11: Do I need to worry about high voltages affecting sensitive equipment?

A11: No. ADVERC ‘cycles’ between 14.0 and 14.4v at the batteries (27.5v and 28.5v for 24v electrical systems). These voltages are well within the scope of virtually all sensitive navigation and other equipment, unlike BOOSTERS which can deliver voltages in excess of 15.5 volts.

Q12: How reliable is your system?

A12: Very reliable, the concept and design based upon development since 1983.

ADVERC has a five year warranty and is specified or approved by most Boat Builders and Safeway PLC., Asda, Ryder Truck Rental, Group 4 and most Ambulance authorities. ADVERC has played a part in terms of battery charging on several Whitbread Yachts in the last two series.

Q13: But what happens if the ADVERC system fails?

A13: The latest Mk IV a unit works in tandem with the original regulator. In the unlikely event of ADVERC failure, the system reverts to standard regulation, providing a vital fall-back situation

Q14: Is it easy to install?

A14: The installation is straight forward and within the compass of a competent do-it-yourself enthusiast. Some alternators are easier than others. The first installation generally takes 3-4 hours. Full instructions are given.

Q15: Do you have Installation Specialists available?

A15: For total peace of mind we have around 150 Installation Specialist or Dealers, world-wide.

Q16: How do I know which ADVERC system to specify?

A16: Simply provide us or our Dealers with alternator details and any other background such as battery layout, capacity, method of split-charging etc., all of which helps us to provide the appropriate instructions.

Q17: What is the cost of a complete ADVERC system?

A17: From £177.50 plus VAT, upwards, depending on the system and ancillaries. This excludes installation.

Q18: Does your company provide other complementary equipment?

A18: Yes. We have been in the business of battery related matters since 1983 and can advise on or supply: Solar Panels, Wind Chargers, Split-Charging Systems, Monitoring & Measuring Equipment, Mains Chargers, Inverters, Converters, AC and DC Generators, Batteries and most things to do with this subject.

An ADVERC Technical Brochure is available on request together with information on the complementary product range indicated.