• Adverc Battery Management Systems

    Tel: 01902 380494
    Email: techsales@adverc.co.uk



  • Adverc Battery Management Systems

    Tel: 01902 380494
    Email: techsales@adverc.co.uk


  • Adverc Battery Management Systems

    Tel: 01902 380494
    Email: techsales@adverc.co.uk


  • Adverc Battery Management Systems

    Tel: 01902 380494
    Email:  techsales@adverc.co.uk


  • Adverc Battery Management Systems

    Tel: 01902 380494



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4.) The Role of ADVERC Battery Management

Updated Thursday 10/05/2012 04:58 PM

Here, we have a sophisticated, multi-chip controlled system having almost five hundred more functions than a conventional voltage regulator, providing rapid and full restoration of battery charge.

The relationship between battery input and alternator output is continuously monitored whilst the engine is running.

ADVERC compensates for voltage losses in the system, including that attributable to blocking diodes(see section on SPLIT-CHARGING), as well as ambient temperature variations (seeCONVENTIONAL ALTERNATOR CHARGING).

The appropriate corrective action is applied via the alternator field windings, resulting in the correct voltage climate being applied at the battery terminals, aimed at complete charging without damage to alternator or batteries.


There is no 'forced feeding' of the batteries. With ADVERC, the battery accepts a charging current commensurate with the existing state of charge ie. well-charged batteries will take little current whilst heavily discharged ones will take more, knowing that the alternator can now deliver, depending on its output capability, of course (see Alternator & Battery Selection).

Additional Special Features:

Cycling the charging voltages either side of the battery gassing voltage, viz: 14.5v and 14.0v (temperature compensated) provides rapid, complete battery charging accompanied by reduced counter-voltage and improved charging stability.

  • In addition, ADVERC Battery Management imposes a 40 minute 'rest period' at normal voltage (14v) after 4 cycles (each of 20 minutes duration) in the charging programme. This is a unique ADVERC feature in that the length of the 'rest period' is influenced by battery consumption during periods of engine inactivity, making the system extremely suitable for commercial vehicles having electric tail-lifts working in multi-drop situations.
  • A 0.5v 'clamp' is imposed on the ADVERC blue lead in order to protect the alternator against high output voltages caused by large voltage losses in the electrical system.

Note for Figure 3 (below) Temperature Compensation (Conventional batteries - voltage settings may be altered for different battery types eg. Ni-Cad batteries)

Battery Temperature Chart

  • Linear temperature control compensates for changes in ambient temperature around the batteries. This is essential for vehicles having the batteries on the chassis-rail and the alternator in a warm engine bay, for example (fig 3).
  • A separate charge control lamp is incorporated in the ADVERC harness, leaving the original warning light in situ - this is especially useful with Bukh marine engines, and powerboats having flying bridges, twin engines and four panels.
  • A 'blinking' light (1 per sec.) with the engine running, indicates loss of the ADVERC battery sensor lead (red) or an over-voltage situation eg. 16/32v, for whatever reason. Investigation should locate the source.
  • The function, circuit protection and selection of individual components comprising the original TWC concept have all been 'value engineered', the end result being a redesigned, more efficient, more robust ADVERC system which is more tolerant of alternator idiosyncrasies and incorrect installation eg. voltage spikes, reversed battery polarity, etc.

The latest design incorporates features aimed at producing smoother alternator output and attenuating RFI, together with additional refinements based on customer feedback over the past eight years eg. improved and relocated plug and socket, automotive quality harness with an adaptor to facilitate alternator removal and a double skin anti-corrosion finish on the case.

The ADVERC system can now be used in tandem with the original regulator, facilitating installation and providing an essential fall-back situation in the unlikely event of ADVERC failure. This is another major step forward.

A five year warranty period reflects these improvements.